Live the Dream, Wear the Dream, Be the Dream!

Patron of Dreams is owned and operated by Tara Cole-McCaffrey as a one-woman business. The Brand was conceived from the idea that when we are young, the world supports our dreams and encourages us to follow them. People re-inforce that we can do anything we want with our life if we put our mind to it. Then when we are old enough to start making decisions for ourselves, the story changes and support for our dreams becomes hard to come by. The world seems determined to talk us out of our dreams in favour of safety, security and the status quo. The dreamers need a Patron. Someone to encourage, support and sing the praises of your Dream out into the world. Someone to remind you again and again that there is purpose and passion in your Dream and the world needs you to unleash it! Patron of Dreams is Tara's dream! It's a brand that promotes sustainable, ethical and eco-fashion, beauty and personal evolution brands and events who are working hard to make their dreams a reality. Tara collaborates with brands and events as an Influencer and Ambassador, promoting them through creative photo shoots and inspirational writing which she shares on her Blog and Social Media, while at the same time, curating a beautiful on-line shop of vintage, pre-loved and up-cycled fashion and housewares. Patron of Dreams is for the creative individual who is committed to being unapologetically themselves and who despite fears and doubts is going for it! Live the Dream, Wear the Dream, Be the Dream!